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Couture & You

For most millennial's going to the dressmaker is something that their grandparents did last century. (OMG That's US!!!). Well it was our grand parents and so on too, so don't feel so bad.

Surprise Packages

In a world where we trust online shopping sites and often with the most important items of clothing we will ever purchase. Those "Surprise Packages" arriving with the hope that the pictured dress is (A) the same as in the picture (B) that it fits the diverse shapes that are our bodies (C) that it looks the same on us as the girl in the picture.

The harsh reality often being, it's not like the pictured dress thanks to great Photoshop editing. Then when that doesn't happen, because let's face it we are all different and there is no standard shape, we hope and pray that the local dressmaker or alteration store can salvage it and have it resembling remotely like anything that we had hoped it to be. Then there's the last minute rush of further replacement garments.

Shopping Expeditions

The fun days out, the shopping expeditions, the soon to become endless hours of shopping, the pokey fitting rooms, alterations, the returns, not forgetting to mention the return to the store because the security tags have been left on ( I know you're nodding in agreeance ).

In most cases only 3 visits to your couturier and you have have the perfect outfit (or two). Enjoying a cuppa, glass of wine or if you're one of our lucky ladies a shot of the old girls "Limoncello", building a relationship with your couturier is not different to that of you and your hairdresser. Your couturier is trusted with hiding every bump, lifting those that gravity doesn't and showcasing the very best of you.

Creating the perfect..........

Wedding Dress Experience our world of Couture, every girl should at least once experience something which once was the norm. Your wedding gown is such a special gown, connect with the gown and the feelings you experience with it, be a part of the creative process and watch your gown come to reality. A gown that is all yours that showcases you, that sets the theme for your whole wedding and that will remain with you forever. (Pic Credits Folk + Follow)

Wardrobe With our love for travel, include in your itinerary a visit to fabric stores in the cities you visit. Remember always, that the classics never date. So spending a little extra for that Dolce e Gabbana Printed Silk for a blouse, dress or skirt is totally worth it!

It certainly isn't for everyone. But if you love to be original, if you crave quality and have the upmost trust in your couturier then it's certainly for you!

In our next blog post we interview our past Brides as they reflect on their decision to go with Couture for their Wedding Dress.

S x

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